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SexyFuzzy is young, but it's already gone through several evolutions after its beginning on Blogger, and we're quickly creating a resource and community for fans of fuzzy pornstars and nude models, because we're huge fans and at least one of us is a website ninja.

Porn is becoming the same moves and camera angles in every film, just varying "stories" or themes around them.  And then there's the inevitable push to just be more extreme.  But a fuzzy pornstar, especially beautiful, fit and intelligent, truly enhances the experience for many of us who find peach fuzz an attractive part of a female body.  These pornstars make the film and every photo, yet there's no central "database" of fuzzy pornstars and the community is dispersed into threads in the depths of various forums with no real home.

SexyFuzzy was created to solve these issues with a central database of fuzzy pornstars and a home to cultivate and enrich the community of fans.

SexyFuzzy is a resource for fans of fuzzy pornstars and models, and for people who are attracted to fuzziness.  The primary goals are easy model discovery with simple search, model lists and suggestions, providing information about fuzzy models including their social media, camsites, free galleries, etc. and building the foundation for a community of fans.

Our second priority is to promote these models and help them gain notoriety as well as promote women's confidence in their natural fuzziness through the design of this site and by engaging the outer community.  Many fuzzy women, in and outside of porn, shave their arms or more because they think their peach fuzz makes them less attractive.

That misconception and its drag on self-esteem must end.

When many people see that a woman is fuzzy, they're more attracted to her!

We'd also love to have an influence on camera angles in porn, or anything that sparks the change.  Many of us love the look of female bodies, not simply seeing the action of sex or genitals banging.

We are not yet finished. So if you're a fan of fuzzy pornstars and nude models, join the ride!

Fuzzy?  What's that?

If you're looking for thick terminal hairs on unshaven calves or armpits, you came to the wrong place.  SexyFuzzy is completely different from those "hairy girl" sites, it features pornstars and nude models who have fuzzy (or "hairy") arms, back, stomach, boobs and/or ass.  A few were excellent but are now retired, most are currently creating content.

The focus also isn't on abnormally long body hair.  We focus much more on fuzziness like the girl next door might have - the pornstars and models you may already love, watched in a video before, or hadn't heard of yet.

As always, if you like a model, we encourage you to follow her on social media and support her directly via her cam site, manyvids.com, onlyfans.com or any content she may sell.  It can be more difficult to make ends meet than you may think, and most models are kind, easy to work with and open to many things - as long as you're respectful - especially of her boundaries.

All pornstars and models on SexyFuzzy are 18 or older.

Email at contact at GirlsKnowGirls.com

We're cooking up other ways to communicate with us and other fans :)

You can monitor our Site News or @sexy_fuzzy for announcements of major new features.

We kinda like Twitter: #SexyFuzzy #fuzzyishot #fuzzygirls