What is a fuzzy girl?  A fuzzy girl has about an average amount of peach fuzz or more on her body.  Peach fuzz is the soft, sexy vellus body hairs often found on the arms, back, boobs, ass and stomach/abs of women in contrast to the far less appealing bear-like thick and curly terminal body hairs on men.  Fuzziness is a feminine attribute that many men and women find attractive, just look at the Flickr groups Girls with Blonde Body Hair and Peach Fuzz Body Hair on a Lady.

While the length of body hairs on some women is very short or nearly imperceptible with sight or touch, many women have much longer body hairs.  And women with shorter peach fuzz may have it in more places.  It's like a spectrum, on a bell curve, with most women having medium-length or longer body hair.  So some women have quite long body hair, yet the individual hairs aren't thick, and many find it more attractive the longer it is.  But since vellus hairs are thin, their length is limited much more than terminal hairs.

The term "hairy" is often and appropriately used to describe men who have lots of long, thick terminal body hair.  The term fuzzy is used when referring to a female with peach fuzz to differentiate from "hairy girl" which has come to mean unshaven terminal hair such as the calves or armpits.

Mainly due to lower-quality film/TV, photo touchups and conservative fashion, anything but bare skin on a woman's arms used to be considered unusual.  Recently, to increase sales, razor companies have been trying to convince women they need to shave more of their body.  Add to that, talking to anyone about a woman's peach fuzz or one's attraction to it can feel awkward and embarrassing.  So many fuzzy girls grow up thinking that they're unusual and their peach fuzz makes them unattractive - when it's actually the exact opposite.

A recent study found that the more dense a woman's peach fuzz is, the more pleasure she'll experience from petting.

Fuzziness is often associated with youth and good health, because fuzziness can decrease with age (starting about 50) and certain medical conditions.

If you're fuzzy, don't bother shaving it!  Most prefer soft peach fuzz over bare or prickly skin, and many need them some soft peach fuzz.

If you find fuzziness attractive, talk about it.  There's a lot of extreme/gross things we easily talk about.  Peach fuzz can't be that hard.  There's so much foot fetish porn, yet more people likely find fuzziness more enticing.  Signup, start collecting your favorite fuzzies (yup, fuzzy pornstars) and show them you like their fuzziness.

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