SexyFuzzy Terms of Service

The lawyer insisted but we shortened it for everyone's sake.  You should read it, but we're not stealing your soul or pulling a Facebook. We just want to protect everyone using or involved with SexyFuzzy.

By using the SexyFuzzy website, as a guest or logged into a SexyFuzzy account, you agree to the following Terms of Service.

The SexyFuzzy website (SexyFuzzy) provides several services at no cost to its users, these services may change over time as technology changes.

Any violation of the following terms may result in an immediate and permanent ban without appeal.  Any user may be banned at any time at the full discretion of SexyFuzzy.

You agree to use SexyFuzzy in a respectful way.  For your safety and privacy, you agree to not post or in any way provide any personal information to a model or other user using SexyFuzzy.  You also agree to not post or in any way transfer intellectual property not owned by you or if not legally authorized to using SexyFuzzy.

Since SexyFuzzy contains pornographic material and adult language, you agree to not show or in any way expose any child younger than 18 years of age to SexyFuzzy.  Any suspicion of such activity by SexyFuzzy will be promptly reported to law enforcement.  Any account will be immediately locked or banned until a full investigation is complete, upon which the account may be permanently banned.

You agree to not develop or use any automated method of "scraping" SexyFuzzy data or interaction with SexyFuzzy such as a bot.

You agree that SexyFuzzy does everything it can to protect its users from criminals but is not liable for and you indemnify SexyFuzzy of any physical, mental or property damage or any other damages or lost income, property or assets from the direct or indirect use of SexyFuzzy.

If you discover any security issues with any aspect of SexyFuzzy, you agree to notify SexyFuzzy before anyone else, so a fix can be produced before the issue becomes more well known.

You agree to settle any dispute between you and SexyFuzzy through arbitration by the arbiter selected by SexyFuzzy.

Harassment or abuse of models or other users will result in an immediate ban with no appeal.

Abuse of the system, hacking attempts or any other illegal activity on SexyFuzzy will result in an immediate ban with no appeal.

SexyFuzzy will continuously improve detection of violating users and banned users under new accounts.

If any part of this agreement is struck by a court, the remaining terms of this agreement shall stand in tact.